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Sleeping with Sirens band was formed by Paddock Park and other members in 2009. Currently, this team is signed to Warmer-Bros Records. Many people have been listening to the acoustic album released by this group. They have been bringing old favourites every year, especially during the summer-long festivals. Their festivals are known for travelling to different venues across the country.

Their tours have a big number of artists. In addition to this, they have inevitably bands that are loved by both the regular and first-timers. People find them interesting and exciting right from the beginning.

All Time Low


The All Time Low pop-punk group spend much of their time touring. In fact, it is one of the favourite pop-punk bands. This group consists of guitarist/singer Alex Gaskarth, bassist Zack Merrick, Drummer Rain Dawson and guitarist Jack Barakat. This music is appreciated by many people who consider it to be something special.

It has unforgettable melodies, restlessly driving rhythms and explosive guitar hooks that ensure that the message of their music is clear and loud. They use much of their time in switching record labels and recording their nest album. The “Reckless and the Brave” album released in 2012 sounded more like Nothing Personal album which was released in 2009. Many people used to visit Kia Rio Soul Stage to watch this album.

Sleeping With Sirens

This is a hard-core group which is lead by the voice of the lead singer Kellin Quinn. Kellin is a countertenor; he has a high male voice. In fact, he has a guy singing which is realized by many people. This group has an acoustic album which has impressive vocal range. The talents of this band are showcased on their Monster Energy Stage.

Danielle Barbe


Even if most of the groups in this warped tour are male, some bands have female leads such as Warped Tour alumni-Paramore. Danielle Barbe is one of the female pop-punk artists from Pennsylvania. She started singing when she attained an age of five years. She is an excellent combination of incredible charisma and talent. Her voice is almost similar to that of Alanis Morissette.


Anti-Flag and Punk rock band are known for their political leanings which are somehow liberal. Some of their popular titles include “The Neoliberal Anthem,” “Nothing Recedes Like Progress” and the General Strike. Some people consider the band’s views as provocative. They have produced nine albums which draw in a broad audience.…