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watch strap

A watch is an essential accessory to many men. As such, it is imperative to ensure you get the best watch that complements your personality and looks. Besides the brand, a watch strap is one of the most defining elements in a watch. You can always try different strap materials and designs on any watch. Before you start shopping for a watch strap, here are some important considerations to make.


leather strap watchThe dimensions of the watch should inform the size of the strap you buy. The first dimension to look at is at the lugs, where you fit the band. Ensure you get the sizing right. Getting a huge strap could mean that the strap will bunch up or not fit at all. On the other hand, a small size will leave an unsightly gap or an annoying motion. As a tip, always get a ruler and measure the lug size before you start shopping for a strap.


The length of the strap is equally important. Since most watch straps come in a standard dimension, there is always a possibility of getting a longer or shorter strap depending on your personal preferences. Measure your wrist size in millimeters and pick the size that suits you. Most straps sizes are always expressed in a format that indicates the shortest and maximum size. For instance, 100/140 with the smaller size near the buckle ends and the larger size at the farthest hole.


watch with leather strapAfter getting everything to do with the dimensions right, the next thing should be to get the right material. If the material matters to you, it is advisable to due diligence on your part to ensure you get what you need. Failure to do some research or do your homework before buying a strap puts you at risk of acquiring what you do not need. Also, there are many custom strap designers – just in case you need a unique design.

Buying the right watch strap calls for due diligence. Besides looking at the general specifications of the belt, you should also think about getting some strap changing tools. Also, ensure the strap has the essential hardware you need. …